15 March 2007

Rob Jebb interviewed by Joolz Diamond

Nice lengthy interview with the king of the 3 Peaks on the British Cycling website. This one's by Joolz Dymond. A good read.

I don't ride the Cyclo-Cross bike at all, unless I'm racing it. I just go on the road or turbo in the winter. It's too dark to get out there and give it some welly. I might try and take some time off next year and do at least one day a week in the light.

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Dalesman said...

Congratulations Joolz on a brilliant interview.
I am sure Rob will continue to improve and if he rides some world cup events next season, will be grided nearer the front, instead of on the back row as he was at the World Championship this year.

John Rawnsley (3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross Organiser)